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We are developing the holy-grail strategy for selling your book, courses, or whatever it is that you’re selling. While we’ve been working on rolling out our own version of “The Automated Salesman”, we wanted to take a step back and share a couple of important fundamental concepts first. 

We are developing the holy-grail strategy for selling your book, courses, or whatever it is that you’re selling. While we’ve been working on rolling out our own version of “The Automated Salesman”, we wanted to take a step back and share a couple of important fundamental concepts first.

Kevin Hutto has been running ads online since the mid-’90s (yes, even pre-Google!) and has become an expert in the field. As a close friend of Best Seller Publishing, Kevin has agreed to share some of his incredible insight that will help your business. Eventually, we will roll out the entire concept of The Automated Salesman, but today Kevin will be sharing the basis for where the idea of The Automated Salesman came from.

The first thing to understand is the different types of sales to be made.  Today, we will go over the 4 types of sales that you must know before you can become The Automated Salesman.

The Current Sales Problem

There’s always a tug-of-war between the front-end sales and marketing and the back-end delivery and operations. Essentially, you have two different philosophies on how to run your business. The challenge is that many business owners fall into one of the two philosophies while lacking in the other. The person that focuses on delivering the best customer experience will struggle to manage the robust front-end sales and will grow very slowly. On the other hand, a person that comes in and runs the business based on sales and marketing can grow much faster but then they often end up building a business that implodes because they don’t take as good of care of the clients.

Generally, the coaching and consulting industries are preaching delivery automation. They suggest doing this in a way that is one-to-many, rather than one-to-one. In the past, someone got real, direct access to you as a coach, but in the last several years the frameworks shifted to deliver coaching in groups, even up to 500+ clients. The trick is how can you really provide individualized service when you have so many clients that view you as the coach?

Many times, coaches will pay someone to build out their front-end and run ads and set up sales. The truth is, these experts are unapproachable for the average business because they are expensive and must work one-on-one for unique clients. What Kevin has been doing over the last couple of years is envisioning a way for you to bring new people into your world in a uniform way that is not nearly as individualized as the way it is naturally happening right now.

The 4 Types of Sales

There are generally 4 types of sales that happen in a business where you sell a service, consulting, or coaching programs.  The types of sales include:

The Uninformed Sale

This is where you get your “bait and switch” or blind copy tactics. Imagine buying something and then afterward realizing it’s not exactly what you thought you were buying based on the copy. The aspects of uninformed sale include:

The result:

Emergency Sale

There is usually an external catalyst involved in this type of sale. One example is that Kevin gets people who reach out that never want him to run the ads until the ad account gets shut down from the other person who was doing it. Then they want to hire Kevin to get the account back and run the ads. Another example would be a plumber getting called when the toilet is overflowing.

The name of the game for the emergency sale is:

The results:

The Education Sale

This is the backbone of what most coaching, consulting, and service businesses are built on. It’s a very predictable business model. It’s exactly why you write a book. Your book is the ultimate education piece. If someone reads your book and finds it valuable, then you will likely get a customer out of that when they need that service.

The pillars of the education sale are:

The result:

The key is to lay the foundation for the kind of clients that you ideally want and you don’t. Sometimes, we get these clients but it is a disservice to you and the client. Their loyalty increases as they see you fulfill promises. It makes your delivery, operations, and results predictable because you see the people coming in the same, right way. It also creates predictable revenue.

The one negative is that it is expensive. You must pay to keep reaching the people until they are ready to business with you. The most expensive part is getting a client to begin with. As the price goes up, the education process increases in importance as you need to build a stronger connection and credibility. For incredibly high-ticket services, you will need to ultimately get a one-on-one call that is more about connection, trust, and continued education.

Order-Taking Sales

The order-taking sale is the ultimate best feeling in the world. Who doesn’t just want someone to walk in ready to buy?

Essentially, the sale will end up as order-taking for several different reasons. One example is a really strong referral. A current or former client raved about your service and told their friend or colleague that it was something they just had to purchase. When you get that level of a stamp or approval, all you need to do is not screw it up, you’re just taking the order at that point.

Examples of order- taking sales include:

The results:

The problem is that these are unpredictable. You can’t count on just referrals or self-educators, and you never really know when the education customers that fell off will magically reappear. The key is to leverage The Automated Salesman to create order-taking sales.

Mastering Types of Sales

The challenge with a book is that it is a great educational tool, but the issue is that it is a one-sided conversation. The same is true for a video. While they can be excellent for educational purposes, they are one-sided. The two-sided element of a telephone conversation is essential for high-ticket sales, but they can be cumbersome and a pain. Can you create an education process that includes two-sided elements with qualified prospects?

The goal is to combine education sales and order-sales, where you can have the process spit out order-taking sales without moving the needle on your sales mechanism. In the next blog, we will dive into how to address some of the challenges with the 4 types of sales and cover more of the foundation behind The Automated Salesman. Head over to our blog to learn more.

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