The Four Types of Sales

We are developing the holy-grail strategy for selling your book, courses, or whatever it is that you’re selling. While we’ve been working on rolling out our own version of “The Automated Salesman”, we wanted to take a step back and share a couple of important fundamental concepts first. 

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Generating Leads Using LinkedIn

Today, we want to share with you about using LinkedIn. Specifically, we want to dive into some incredible organic and direct outreach methods we have used successfully. We will share our tried and tested LinkedIn client-getting strategy to do several amazing things. Using these strategies, you can connect with an influencer or directly introduce new clients and prospects.

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How to Win During a Crisis

the coronavirus has turned many people’s lives upside-down, but now is not the time to lay low.

Maybe you are making just enough money or doing fine, but many people are suffering. Winning big during a crisis allows you to help others who are in need during these difficult times.

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